International Tax Advice

The globalization of the world’s economy has made effective tax planning a crucial factor for the success of all business endeavors.

Our team has advised on:

  • Tax structuring of international business
  • Evaluating international tax risks arising from international and domestic tax laws and practices
  • Advising clients to relocate operational functions of their company (finance department, production department and R&D)
  • Consulting on the appropriate application of double tax treaties
  • Global Expatriate Services and the application (if qualified) for special tax benefits or incentives
  • Advising on specialized areas, such as thin capitalization, CFC rules
  • Consulting for withholding tax requirements
  • Obtaining various tax rulings
  • Advise on the use of EU Directives relating to direct taxation

Our team consists of unique industry specialists with international award recognitions, deep years of experience and knowledge with a long track records on successfully challenging tax cases in Cyprus.

Tax Compliance

Tax can be complicated. Even the most basic tasks of sorting out tax returns often require in-depth specialist knowledge. It is essential to be armed with this knowledge to avoid paying more tax than you need to. Our tax specialists ensure that our business clients comply with the requirements of the tax regulations while not paying any more tax than they have to.

Our services include:

  • Tax registration
  • Preparation and filing annual corporate income tax return
  • Preparation and filing VAT returns and Interstat reports
  • Application (if qualified) for special tax benefits or incentives
  • Obtaining tax rulings
  • Representing your company to the tax authorities

Indirect Tax Services

Our tax specialists assist clients with VAT compliance obligations and provide services in relation to VAT reviews, thus assisting in early identification of problem areas. They also advise clients on international transactions involving VAT.

Services in this field include:

  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns
  • Negotiations with the VAT authorities
  • Efficient VAT recovery
  • VAT diagnostic reviews
  • Advice on mitigating VAT costs and managing risks on importing/exporting